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3G Modem Wireless : Antenna Sierra Wireless Aircard

Posted by bukan.apa.apa pada September 17, 2009

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Antenna Sierra Wireless Aircard

Antenna Sierra Wireless Aircard

Detail Produk :

3G Modem Wireless / Parts & Accs : / Antenna Sierra Wireless Aircard
Sierra Wireless Aircard Original extended Antenna. Improve performance in areas with low signal strength. Frequencies : GSM,UMTS,HSDPA 850,900,1800,1900,2100 MHz & CDMA 800,1900 MHz. Features : Boosts antenna strength by up to 2.5dB, Enhance and maintain excellent signal quality, Velcro mount to attach (and easily remove) to back or side of laptop lid,screen, Usable indoors or outdoors, Quick – Simple installation – No software required , Compatible with all Sierra Wireless PC Cards, ExpressCards and USB Modems, Excluding Aircard 580 and 595 (CDMA Version). Antenna with 482mm (19″) and Velcro mount.
Kondisi baru 100%.
Blade Antenna. Hanya cocok dengan Modem Sierra Wireless Aircard GSM.


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